Information held on the Scottish Procurement Information Hub is based on the Accounts Payable data from participating Scottish public sector bodies.

This data is enhanced from publically available sources in order to classify suppliers by size, location and area of business.

Base Data

The total procurement spend captured is higher than the total spend analysed. This is because only spend figures for suppliers that have been classed as commercial organisations or as non-trade social care providers and with whom individual public bodies have spent over £1000 in aggregate in a 12 month period, are analysed.

Data is revalidated regularly and may be subject to change as additional information about suppliers is gained. It is however, correct at the date of retrieval.

Supplier Size

Supplier size is based only on number of employees where known

An SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) is defined as a supplier with less than 250 employees.

Supplier size is categorised as follows:

  • Micro <10 employees
  • Small 10-49 employees
  • Medium 50-249 employees
  • Large 250 or more employees

Supplier Numbers

Supplier number information is based on clustered groupings of supplier name and address information, not the legal entity for each supplier. Therefore these figures are estimated only.

Supplier Location

Geographical spend is based on known postcodes. The postcode is obtained from a supplier’s invoice address.

Regions and local authority boundaries are determined by areas specified by the ONS.

Scotland is divided into the following seven regions:

  • Aberdeen & North East
  • Edinburgh & Lothians
  • Forth Valley
  • Glasgow & Strathclyde
  • Highlands & Islands
  • South Scotland
  • Tayside Central & Fife

Commodity Category

Commodity categories are based on the supplier’s main area of business and not the goods and services purchased.

Sub Sectors

The Scottish public sector has been divided into four sub sectors. These are NHS, Higher and Further Education, Local Authorities and Central Government organisations (including core Scottish Government).

The data is owned by each individual Scottish public sector body.

Notes on use of data

The spend figures provided have been taken from the Procurement Information Hub and are correct at the date of production.

If you are quoting them in correspondence or briefing please present them in the format provided, so that they are not misinterpreted.

If the figures or wording are altered we cannot be responsible for any misrepresentation or miscalculation.

Any further economic analysis undertaken or erroneous conclusions drawn by third parties in relation to the statistics provided is the responsibility of the third party.

The Hub is provided by Spikes Cavell Analytic Ltd and is an analytical tool which allows Scottish public sector bodies to perform a wide range of analysis on procurement spend.